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The media is full of scary stories about hackers, breaches and stolen data. We assist businesses of all sizes to prepare for a Cyber incident.

We provide Managed Cyber Security Services. That means you do not have to worry about Cyber Security for your business, we have a team that will take care of that. We can also assist you through a non-technical process to audit your current risks, discuss your risk objectives and work with yourself or your IT service provider to achieve cyber risk peace of mind.

Be prepared and protect your reputation, privacy, client information and resilience to survive a major Cyber incident.

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  • Managed Cyber Security Services

    Get access to our team of Cyber Security Experts and let us look after your Cyber Security needs. No term contracts and the best team backed by an international service provider. This will ensure peace of mind and at an affordable cost.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Regular Vulnerability Scanning of Public IP and Website to keep your organization safe from vulnerabilities that may be exploited and cause loss of data or allow the injection of malware.

  • Develop your Risk Mitigation Plan

    We use the Cyber Security Audit document and interview notes to develop a Risk Mitigation Plan. The purpose of this plan is to take you from your current risk profile to your acceptable risk profile. We also discuss filling any gaps with Cyber Insurance. This plan can be implemented by yourself, your IT provider or we can assist you.

  • Cyber Security Awareness Education

    Your staff is your biggest risk. Awareness will drastically reduce your risk of staff opening a suspect email or exposing the organization to malware and phishing attacks. Cyber Awareness Education for the organization. Raise awareness and show practical actions to recognize and prevent phishing, invoice fraud, Malware injection, etc. We do the training on-site or at our offices.

  • Provide a Cyber Emergency Response Plan

    The Purpose of the Cyber Emergency Response Plan is to provide you with simple instructions you can follow when a cyber event occurs. Please print this document and keep it handy. Do not leave it only on your computer, some cyber events like a ransomware attack may leave your computer inaccessible.

  • Cyber Security Audit

    We document your computer environment. We look at networks, devices, applications, how you use your devices, operations, etc. We ask lots of non-technical questions and if we need to get technical you can refer us to your IT support provider. We will discuss your current risks and establish what is your acceptable risk appetite.

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